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What Are Wall Decals / Stickers?

What are Wal Decals?

Wall Decals or Wall Stickers are peel and stick decorative wall stickers that can be applied to any smooth surface. These are applied to the wall for decorative or informative purposes.

Wall Decals

These are made out of vinyl decal sheets that are kiss cut and can be layered one over another for the final effect. These can be applied to a wall with the help of an application sheet and an applicator tool that helps to press and transfer the design onto the wall. Wall decals can be removed without leaving any residue and you can transform the look of a room without damaging the wall or expensive paints.

Difference between Wall Stickers and Wall Decals

Wall Stickers are printed over a sticker adhesive sheet that may or may not be easily removable. While wall decals are in a single colored sheet that is cut out according to design requirement and can be placed in one color or by layering various colored sheets one on another.

Our vinyl decals are designed and pre-layered and sent to customers with a transfer sheet applied so that they can simply place it over the wall and transfer the final design with ease.

Can you Design something custom made for me?

We will gladly work on your custom request , so if you have an idea that you are looking for just contact us for a quote .

Can you create a Custom Wall Decal ?

Sure , we will be glad to create something from scratch for you , just send us a convo regarding your requirement our designers will create something to fit your need.

What are the Customization options ?

1- We can create a design from scratch BUT we will not create a copy of a design sold by another seller.

2-We can gladly change the size small or bigger as you like.

3-You can mix match or add to any of our designs.

4-Color customization can also be ordered.

How is the decal packaged?

Our large wall decals are assembled in layers of each color. They come in small pieces which can be applied easily following enclosed easy to follow instructions.
Decals come ready with application tape already installed.
These will arrive in a tube rolled packaging.

Can I change the placement of the stickers ?

Sure , for wall decals with smaller items each will come separately cut for convenience. You can pre-arrange them using a tape on your wall for visual arrangement using a tape. Move things around till you are happy with the arrangement and then simply peel, stick and remove transfer tape.

How to apply wall decal?

Our decals come ready with an application tape , simply peel and stick and then remove the transfer tape . Learn more about our process here

How to transfer wall decal to another place?

You can easily transfer our smaller wall decal provided that you have its original transfer tape saved. Just peel off the decal and place it over its backing paper.
The backing paper should be free of all dust.

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