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Our wallpapers can be applied to walls, furniture, glass, refrigerator, or any other smooth and clean surface.
Your surface must be dry, clean, and free of dust during the installation process.
Newly painted walls must be dried. wait at least 4 weeks after painting. Instantly bring life to your interior within a day or few hours!
This comes in panels to join and apply.
You’ll love that our wallpaper is :
♥ Eco Friendly
♥ A high-Grade self-adhesive material
♥ Simply peel, and stick anywhere.
♥ 100% removable
Comes with step by step simple and easy instructions Just Peel and Stick.
♥ Long-Lasting
♥ The perfect solution to uplift a rental property wall, kid’s rooms, home office, and living rooms.
♥ You can apply it on any smooth and slightly textured walls

What’s included in your Wallpaper kit?
♥ Same as seen in the picture.
♥ Simple and easy step by step instructions for application
♥ FREE sample to test before you even open your order.

Choose your desired size from the drop-down menu.
Available sizes are:
46 x 46 inches
69 x 69 inches
92 x 92 inches

Not Sure what wallpaper roll size you need?
We’re here to help. Just send the height and width measurements to decalideas [!at]
and we will guide you with the best option.

How to apply your Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper:
♥ Pour yourself a cup of Coffee.
♥ Plan out where you want to place your wallpaper.
♥ Make sure the wall is dust free and smooth
♥ Peel the backing off and smooth the wallpaper using an applicator or simply an old credit card will do.
♥ Soak yourself up with the eye candy!
♥ Celebrate the new living space with joy.



Decalideas help you transform your walls create accent decor and personalize your place. Your personal Custom Wall Stickers home.

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Removable Wallpaper Peel And Stick
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