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Bubble Guppies Peel and Stick, Self Adhesive Wallpaper Mural



Product Overview


Wall Decals
Compatible Surface Type Can be applied to any plain, clean and moisture free dry surface
Color as seen in the picture
Theme Bubble Guppies
Size 60”w x 34"h (inches)
Product Type Vinyl Sticker

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What is included?
Bubble Guppies Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Wallpaper Mural, comes in pieces to make the whole design. Just peel the backing paper off and apply it on any plane, clean and moisture-free wall, or any surface.

Overall Size (approx): 60”w x 34″h (inches)

Whats Included:
✿ You will be getting 3 panels of 20 x 34(inches)to make the whole mural.
A Free Test Decal
Decal Application Instructions

We can create a Personalized decal following your size requirement just contact us to discuss.